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Want to learn more about emerging training technologies, such as simulation, gaming, mobile, virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive environments and more? Check out the following two preview webinars for IIT16, and several other related resources – and then register to be with us in person at INNOVATIONS IN TRAINING 2016 in Orlando to deepen your knowledge about how to implement these ideas and technologies into your training and engagement programs!

  • L&D LEADERS: ARE YOU READY FOR EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES? YOU SHOULD BE! by Laura L. Chartier, Learning & Development Consultant
    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are very real components of what training and e-learning are fast becoming, promoting a miraculous depth of knowledge and skill we previously never thought possible.
  • WEBINAR: Innovations in Training: How to Be Strategic About Integrating Simulations, Mobile and Emerging Technologies? ... with David Metcalf, Director of Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, University of Central Florida;  and Andrea Procaccino, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
    How can you strategically innovate your training so that your learners develop new knowledge faster, become more deeply engaged, and have a greater impact? Emerging technologies are providing many new and different approaches for designing and delivering training ... but where to get started?
  • WEBINAR: Gamification: Right Design First, THEN the Right Technology ... with Monica Cornetti, Gamification Guru
    Like all great HR technology, gamification is only as good as the people who design it. For your gamification to succeed, it must genuinely reflect your workplace culture, mission, practices and needs, because every organization, like every employee, is unique.

  • Top 10 Technologies Driving the Digital Workplace, by Rob van der Meulen
    How ambient knowledge, virtual personal assistants and production studio technology will offer a competitive edge. Matthew W. Cain, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, has identified the top 10 employee-facing technology trends that will likely drive digital workplace transformation.
  • The Emerging Technologies You Need to Know About, by Stefan Lindegaard, Chief Transformer at Transform - or Die!
    The Gartner Hype Cycle 2016 on emerging technologies is required reading for everyone working with corporate transformation and innovation management. Besides the hype cycle image itself, I have also gathered a few links, posts and articles that you should look into. First, in just one short sentence, my own key take away on this year’s hype cycle is that technologies are merging faster than ever before.
  • Playing War Games with the Fortune 500, by Tim Clark, SAP Global Marketing
    The most successful companies anticipate and invent the future – often before their competitors do. What’s one of their secret weapons? Competitive War Gaming, exercises that generate defensive strategies to fend off competitors while building a sound offense that sparks innovation and growth.
  • Reimagine Your Business Model For Exponential Change – 4 Steps, by Dan Weller, Global Lead of Digital Futures, SAP
    How exponential technological change will alter the very foundations of successful business models (and, by extension, training).
  • Investing in AI Offers More Rewards than Risks, by KR Sanjiv
    Organizations that can afford to invest heavily in AI are now creating the momentum for even more to follow suit; those that can’t will find their niches in AI at risk of being left behind. ... The prevailing wisdom is that the risk of being left behind is far greater than the benefits of playing it safe.


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